Age of Arthur

Session 18

The PCs and the Sea

The group listened to Bevyn’s story about Gita. Bevyn was wandering around the battlefield after his army had been defeated by invaders, and he encountered Gita. She promised him victory against the invaders in return for an oath to allow his heir to be taken as a changeling. Bevyn never visited Gita’s home, but she told him where it was: In a rock about a mile off the coast of the river mouth there is a grotto. If you swim in the grotto you can come up in the fairy land.

The PCs traveled to the river mouth and hired several boats and crew to take them out to the rock. After having a bit of trouble getting to the rock—both boats were taking on water—the PCs and the warband successfully disembarked on the rock. They found the grotto, dove in, and emerged in a lake in fairy land. They left the lake and began traversing some fields. While in the fields, they saw some human laborers. The despair in the eyes of the laborers was enough to shake Rufus.


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