Age of Arthur

Session 8

How 'bout a little fire?

Shortly after sunset, Caradoc assumed his owl form and flew across the river to scout. During his trip, he saw the Jute army encamped about 8-10 miles south of the river. They seemed to number about 1000, but he didn’t take the time to count. Caradoc also saw a huge fire some miles past the Jute army. To avoid surprise, he looped around on the way back to make sure that the Jutes weren’t sailing up the river. They weren’t.

As he returned to camp, Caradoc felt a huge magical malevolent presence. Just as he landed, a huge fire emanated from the magical presence. The fire immediately caught on some of the buildings of the village. Under the esteemed leadership of the PCs, the army leaped into action and worked to contain the fire. It wasn’t easy, but after a couple of hours, the fire was out without seriously damaging the village.


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