Age of Arthur

Session 9

Across the River

The PCs spent much of the next morning working on defenses against an attack across the river: range testing siege engines, digging trap holes, and the like. Around lunchtime, Calder arrived with one hundred more soldiers, including about 20 regulars. Calder and Cedric met, with the PCs in attendance, and Calder was fine with leaving Cedric in charge, and pitching in when and where he could.

Across the river, a large army was evidently moving: a lot of dust was being kicked up.

After consulting with the brothers and Bevyn, the PCs decided to reconnoiter in force across the river. Taking boats left about a mile and half upstream, the PCs crossed over. While scouting ahead, Caradoc found two small (5 people each) scouting parties approaching. The PCs set a trap for the scouts: Rufus would make himself seen, then retreat towards the river so that the PCs and Rufus’ warband could rain down arrows on them. It worked: the PCs wiped out the first scout group almost immediately. However, they also detected something moving towards them in the grass. Rufus snuck out towards it, and found a Jutish warrior ready for him. Rufus engaged the Jute, and was soon joined by his warband and by Phillip. In the meantime, Gwyn and Caradoc moved around to fire on the other scouting party, and finished them off in fairly quick order.

The Jutish warrior proved to be very tough. Rufus, Phillip, and the warband were able to take him out, but it required a lot of fighting. Gwyn finally finished him off with a sword in the brain.


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