Rufus ap Caradoc

Pictish warleader


Stress: 8p.
Composure: 5p.
Fate points: 5p.
Age: 42 years old


  1. Shapechange (owl), contacts, Lore: Old Gods, survival, agility
  2. Druidic magic, missile combat, strategy & tactics, awareness
  3. Stealth, willpower, intimidation
  4. Melee combat, leadership
  5. Strength

Stunts: Tough, Heroic Inspiration, Warband (10 @ level 2), Skin changer, Rally

Warband: Roac, Carc, Finn, Drest, Erp, Galan, Talorc, Oengus, Bargoit, Alpin

Leather cuirass, Abs 1
Daggers (2), damage: 1
Heavy spear, damage: 3
Small spears (3), damage: 2, can be thrown
Owl skin


1) Protector of the Holy Grove. Rufus fought King Uwain to a standstill, eventually ending in a truce. Rufus survived by rallying the Picts in defense of their Holy Grove, and he draws his inspiration and their loyalty from his position as defender of the holy place.

2) Perseverance, even in despair. Uwain’s Bretons outnumbered the Picts, and their iron weapons gave them an additional advantage. Rufus repeatedly had to reinforce his people’s commitment to the defense of their home in the face of superior forces. By the time of the truce, the Picts had reached borderline starvation, but Rufus persevered.

3) Seize the moral high ground. In the final battle between the Picts and Uwain’s Bretons, Rufus and the king’s younger brother fought in single combat. Rufus bested the king’s brother, who yielded. Rufus turned away to return to his troops, but the king’s brother struck at him treacherously from behind. Rufus avoided the blow and slew the king’s brother. Rufus then demanded that Uwain repair the breach of honor by coming to the negotiating table for a truce.

4) I speak for the trees. Rufus’ greatest challenge leading his tribe was to unite them to resist the Bretons without turning the conflict into an unresolvable internecine war. He had to convince them that they should risk all to defend their holy grove rather than move on to other lands. He also had to manage their motivations so that they could, eventually, reach a peace with the Bretons. To demonstrate his strength and prove that victory was possible, Rufus went out in the night, slew three Bretons, and brought back their heads. He then spoke to the tribe, telling them that the Holy Grove had inspired him to lead them in victory over the Bretons.

5) I swear by my life. Rufus personally delivered the truce to both sides. Initially, the Pictish Council would not trust the truce with Uwain’s Bretons. Rufus had to swear on his life and the Holy Grove to assure them that the truce was genuine. His oath to Uwain mirrors this pledge to the Picts. If the Picts ever conclude that uwain violated the treaty, they will likely kill Rufus. If the violation is true ,Rufus might well submit.

Oath: I swear by my life and the Holy Grove to keep the peace and mutual assistance between my Picts and Uwain’s Bretons.

Rufus ap Caradoc

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