Age of Arthur

Session 10

There Will Be Blood (and fire)

Picking up where they left off, the PCs hid the Jutish bodies in a copse of trees, then headed inland to find a hiding place. Rufus, in owl form, reconnoitered the camp, and located the tent that the fire mages were in. After some debate, the PCs decided to attempt to infiltrate the Jutish camp and disrupt the mages.

Rufus had a quick vision of blood seeping into the ground around the sacred grove. He informed others of what he saw.

Rufus sent most of his warband—along with Gwyn—back to guard the boats. The remaining two joined Rufus, Caradoc, and Phillip in disguise as Jutish soldiers. The small group managed to sneak past sentries and get in to the camp. Easily finding the wizards’ tent, the group dispatched a sentry quickly and quietly. The mages inside were conducting a ritual. And the air was getting colder. The group then entered the tent ready to kill.

The tent erupted into a bloody fiery mess. The PCs managed to kill several mages immediately, including the one who seemed to leading the ritual, although it cost Caradoc a skull-splitting headache. For the next minute or so, the group fought and killed numerous mages and their guards. They also knocked over a brazier and threw a pot of Greek fire into it, starting a dangerous conflagration. When they left, the PCs were able to escape amid confusion and chaos of the disrupted camp. They made it back to the boats, and back across the river. When they arrived back at camp, they were greeted as heroes. After checking some things, the PCs retired for a much-needed rest.


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