Age of Arthur

Session 12

A Failed Ambush

The PCs continued stalking the Jutish army. However, they noticed that a wolf was watching them in camp. Before they could do anything, the wolf ran off.

The Jutish army split at one point, detaching a few hundred soldiers. They marched back to meet up with the rearguard, and they set up a new camp. The PCs moved to scout that smaller camp.

That night, when the PCs went to scout, the wolf was following them again. They gave chase, and the wolf led them into an ambush—two groups of archers rained down arrows, while the PCs had to avoid punji spike pits.

Caradoc was stuck in a pit for a few turns, but avoided taking damage. Rufus’ war band was more than able to handle one group of archers. After the first group was wiped out, the second group fled.

Meanwhile, Rufus followed the wolf into an abandoned cottage. He turned human and wrestled the wolf, eventually knocking the wolf unconscious.


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