Age of Arthur

Session 13

Interrogation and Retreat

The PCs trussed up the wolf and took him away, setting up camp away from both Jutish camps. Led by Phillip, the PCs interrogated the wolf once he turned back into human. After some enhanced interrogation techniques, the wolf man revealed the following:

  • The Jutes left Jutland because of some wolfmen monsters who had invaded their land. The Jutish women and children had moved to a neighboring region; after the army conquered in Britain, they would send for the women and children.
  • All of the Jutish shamen were dead.
  • He was a shapechanger, and he thought that there were no other shapechangers with the Jutish army.

The PCs then killed the wolf man, and dismembered his corpse to use as a warning to the Jutes.

Speaking of the Jutes: the next morning, the army began to move south. The PCs followed the army for a day; to all appearances, the army was moving south (away from Owain’s realm) as fast as it could. The PCs got in front the army early in the march and left a grisly display involving the shapechanger’s remains.

The PCs then headed north, and after a bit of travel met up with Owain’s army, led by Cedric and Calder. After informing the brothers of what had happened, the PCs took Calder, Bevyn, and a small group of elite soldiers and headed back to Lindham; Cedric was left in command of the army.

Upon arriving in Lindham, the PCs saw for themselves how bad the king had gotten: he seemed almost delusional, and was very hostile. In particular, he was hostile towards Phillip and Rufus. The PCs consulted with Ula, and she said that Owain was almost always like this, especially when he was tired. Ula was at a loss as to what to do.

Before retiring for the night, the PCs set up an official public ceremony for the morning for Bevyn to swear an oath of fealty to Owain. They also consulted with Calder, trying to instill in him a sense of duty to help his father and the kingdom.

At the same time, the PCs heard more news about the bad things happening in the Pictish village: a number of men were dead, and more were missing. The villagers seemed to distrust each other, and the whole place reeked of suspicion.

The next morning, the PCs attended the fealty ceremony, held in a public square. Bevyn fully swore fealty, but Owain refused to accept him, insisting loudly that the man in front of him was not Bevyn, but was in fact an impostor. Some of the PCs tried to intervene, and Owain angrily ordered them away.

The PCs had already been planning on going to the Pictish village; Owain’s orders expedited this departure. After a day’s travel, the PCs arrived. Rufus went to the village to investigate, while Phillip and Caradoc headed to Regan’s manor house.

Rufus learned from his contacts that the problem seemed to be romantic: a woman with astonishing beauty was creating jealousy and resentment among the population. The men were fighting with each other—sometimes violently—over her, and the women were furious with the men. This seemed to be the cause of the strife and violence.

Meanwhile, Phillip was confronted by Regan when he arrived: she demanded to know where he had been, and insisted that they marry immediately (much to Caradoc’s delight). Caradoc headed off to the village to retrieve Rufus, and Regan and Phillip ordered the household staff to prepare for a feast. When Caradoc and Rufus returned, Rufus performed the wedding ceremony, and the celebratory feast followed.


Corrected reference from Rufus to Phillip in last paragraph.

Session 13
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