Age of Arthur

Session 14

Looking for Love

After the wedding, the PCs got down to business investigating what was going on in the village. They learned the following things:

  • About 4-5 days ago, a small riot broke out in town. It started when Cidion (a local woodcutter) attacked and killed Gest. After this fighting and mayhem broke out; many were hurt, and several houses were trashed. One house was burned down.
  • Cidion has not been seen since the riot.
  • Prior to the riot, it seems that Cidion’s wife was very angry with him.
  • A day or two before the riot, Cidion’s friend Drostan disappeared.
  • A day or two before that, Cidion was heard bragging to his friends that a beautiful woman was madly in love with him.
  • In the aftermath of the riot, about 10 people (men and women) from the village have gone missing.

The PCs interviewed the local priests, and learned little. Both priests, however, said the other was infatuated with the woman at the center of Cidion’s troubles.

The PCs also interviewed several other villagers and found out that almost everyone’s life was being affected by the woman—her presence was breeding mistrust and chaos in town.

Gwyn had a vivid dream in which he saw the woman, perched on a tower on a castle in the middle of the lake in the midst of the swamp. It was the same swamp that several PCs had been to earlier, hunting (and ultimately killing) the hound, as well as capturing Arthur and killing Morgan. According to Gwyn, the woman was calling Phillip’s name.

To prevent Phillip from being enchanted by the woman, the PCs ordered the household staff at Regan’s manor to keep an eye on Phillip, and if possible not let him leave.

The next day, the PCs went into the woods to try to track Cidion along woodcutting trails. They followed several for an hour or two without spotting Cidion. However, they did spot Phillip at a distance, walking through the woods, seemingly oblivious to them. He was unarmored.


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