Age of Arthur

Session 16

Romance at the Castle

Rufus, Caradoc, and Gwyn arrived at the castle on the island in hot pursuit of Phillip. Before they could enter the castle, however, they noticed caltrops strewn around the ground. The group was able to avoid injury and proceeded to open the door.

Just past the door was a small entrance room with statues resembling the men missing from the village and a huge sun dial on the floor. The group went around the sun dial to a door. Caradoc heard some whistling wind through the door. When he opened it, he saw a ricket rope-and-plank bridge crossing a bottomless chasm. Suspecting the chasm wasn’t real, Caradoc dropped an iron-tipped arrow and heard it hit bottom very quickly. With help from the others, Caradoc climbed down and found himself at the bottom of a 12 foot pit. Using ropes, the group was easily able to get to the door on the other side.

Meanwhile, Phillip was conversing with the fae woman in the tower. He professed his desire to marry her and make her his senior wife; she demanded that he swear an oath to lover her with all of his being forever. As they danced, they each tried to convince the other.

Rufus, Caradoc, and Gwyn found themselves in a maze of mirrors, surrounded by their own reflections. Gwyn stumbled a bit, but then remembered that he’d been in this room in a dream. Carafoc resorted to force, smashing mirrors as he went. Eventually, the group found its way through.

After going through another door, the group found itself in a room furnished only with 3 tables,l each with a "latrunculi board. Gwyn and Rufus began to play, while Caradoc scouted the next door. In the doorway, he found a trap—Greek fire was poised to fall on whomever came through the door; nearby torches would likely set fire to the chemical.

Gwyn won his game pretty quickly, and urged Caradoc to play—Gwyn reported that bad things would happen if Caradoc and Rufus didn’t win their games quickly. With Gwyn’s help, Caradoc won. Rufus was playing very slowly, so Gwyn gave him advice, which allowed him to win.

In the tower, the woman offered to have 2 other beautiful women join Phillip and herself as an enticement. Phillip began to get wary. Positioning himself behind her, Phillip stabbed the woman through the torso, causing her to scream and bleed profusely. He then proceeded to decapitate her and burn the corpse and the head separately.

After a door suddenly appeared in the hallway outside the game room, Rufus, Caradoc, and Gwyn entered the tower. Phillip was not there, but there was evidence that he’d been there. When the others returned to the entrance, Phillip was already there, waiting along with Rufus’ warband.

The group returned to the hedge and went through. However, something odd happened—Gwyn went through only to find himself completely alone. He divined that the others were coming much later, and set up camp to wait. The next day, Caradoc emerged from the hedge, with no sense that time had passed. Gwyn provided him with a might feast of rabbit and deer. The day after that, Rufus, Phillip, and the warband emerged.

After returning to Phillip and Regan’s estate, the group learned that, despite their absence of 3 days, numerous people had seen and interacted with them during that time. Gwyn, for instance, had apparently celebrated a bit much the night before in the village, causing a minor scandal among the older villagers. And Regan said she had a feeling just like the morning after she conceived a child years ago, despite the fact that Phillip was not there. Suspecting some sort of sorcery, the group decided to investigate.


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