Age of Arthur

Session 17

Moving On

The PCs spent some time investigating their doppelgangers, but didn’t learn much. Apparently Gwyn’s double had caused a big stir by racking up a big tab at the tavern, then not paying. He also had done something to make the father of one of the girls at the party incredibly angry—gossip said that the father wanted to kill Gwyn.

The PCs directed town elders and Regan to create iron amulets and give them to everyone as a sign that they’re not doppelgangers.

After this, the PCs headed back to Lindham. Upon arriving they found out that Bevyn had departed the day before, escorted by Innis and a small posse. Calder and Cedric pointed out that since their father had rejected Bevyn’s oath—and done so very publicly—that Bevyn was under no obligation to stay.

The PCs headed out to catch up to Bevyn and Innis, which they did after a day and morning of hard travel. The PCs told Innis that they’d escort Bevyn the rest of the way, so Innis and his men returned to Lindham. Alone with Bevyn, the PCs once again strongly encouraged him to name Cedric or Calder as his heir. Bevyn refused. After some pushing and persuading, Bevyn revealed why he wouldn’t name an heir: years ago, to get assistance in repelling an earlier invasion, he had made a deal with a faerie. In return for help, Bevyn promised that his heir would be switched with a changeling as soon as the heir had taken the throne. Therefore, Bevyn refused to name an heir.


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